The Imperfectionist's Guide to Making a No-Sew Fox Ear Headdress

Halloween may be over, but when you're a mom of young kids, pretend play is a 365-day thing. E's amassed quite a number of wings, wands, and whatnots, and is always requesting for more. Recently, her only wish has been to have Judy Hopps and Nick Fox (from Zootopia) costumes. And since it's her birthday soon, she wants her friends to be bunnies and foxes for her party, too. We've come a long way since she would fight with her friends over who could be her current favorite character. She's sharing, guys! How could I say no?

Let me tell you, the month of my daughter's fourth birthday is a horrible time to run out of printer ink. During celebration season, I'm usually chained to my printer, making buntings, cake toppers, gift tags, you name it. So when I saw the alert pop-up on my computer as I was designing invitations, I threw a proper fit. And then I started thinking of contingency plans.

Most felt animal masks and headdresses on Pinterest came with oh-so-handy printable templates to make the task easier. In my printer-less state, I had to make do without them. And, you know what, I didn't do too badly. What do you think? 

In the same predicament, or doing last-minute preps and just want to get this part over with? Here's how to make some super easy no-sew fox ears like a boss (or a mom with no time). 

What You Need:

  • Orange felt 
  • White felt (See my previous post for where I bought my felt and fabric)
  • Black felt (I used leftover faux fur)
  • Thin plain headband (either the hard or the garter type, both worked for me)

What to Do:

1) Fold up one end of the felt just till about how large your fox ear will be.

2) Draw a fox ear shape on the felt using a marker or pencil (you'll be cutting inside the mark so don't worry too much about washability).

3) Cut out the shape, cutting through both layers. This ensures that the edges will line up when you fold the shape. Use the shape you've cut out as a template for the other ear.

4) Mark the middle and place hot glue down the center.

5) Stick the ear to the headband by pressing the headband onto the center of the ear shape.

6) Fold over the ear shape and check to make sure the edges line up. (If they don't, no worries; you can just cut off the excess to clean up your work later.)

7) Place hot glue along the edges of the ear shape. Quickly fold over the ear to make the edges meet while the glue is still hot.

8) Repeat steps 4 to 7 for the other ear.

9) Add details such as a white inner ear and a black fur tip. You can use the orange felt shapes as a guide or just eyeball two white triangles and two black triangles. Secure with hot glue. Note: I made the bottom of the white triangle slightly curved to accommodate and better fit the curve of the head and headband. 

After the first one, which took about 45 minutes and a few glue-gun inflicted injuries (be careful!), I quickly put together three more in about half an hour. Easy-peasy!

Now that I know how simple they are to make, these techniques opens up the possibility for more costumes in the future, even without a sewing machine, or a printer. I'm excited! (Confession: I did wear one of the headbands for a good portion of the party. Yes, I'm that embarrassing mom.)

Will you be trying this craft? Share your photos with me on Instagram! I'd love to see your adorable little foxes! Here's mine 😊: