A Bunny and a Fox Went a-Hunting—for Costume and Fabric Supplies

faux fur

No animals were harmed in the making of our Halloween costumes. Instead, we shopped for faux fur at this shop in Divisoria: Felt and Fabric by Manco. Located along Ylaya St., the famed fabric center of Divisoria, it's got enough furry, fuzzy, plush swatches to give you visions of Snuggies or trigger memories of bad mascot encounters. But, if you are in the market for costume supplies—in my case, grey fur for a Judy Hopps bunny ear headband—this is where you want to be.

The store actually has two branches in Divisoria: one holding the fur, the other holding the felt. I had to visit both and they're about a block away from each other so it's not too inconvenient if you need both types of fabric. Some of their fur fabric however is at their warehouse, which is only opened upon request, so if there is a specific type of fur you need, either set aside some extra time when you visit or call ahead. Two of the fur models I'd originally chosen were at the warehouse, so I had to settle for something similar. The vendors were very accommodating, however, letting me know of the expected wait time in case I wasn't willing to wait (which I wasn't) and helping me choose from their available fabric in stock when my original choice wasn't on hand. They also checked the fabric for damage before ringing it up, which I found super professional for Divisoria standards where what you end up with is usually what you make do with.

Felt for a fox mask

By the way, for occasional DIYers like myself who don't need a lot of fabric, the smallest yardage they will sell you is half a yard. Anyone else need faux bunny grey and fox orange fur?

Where to Shop for Fabric Projects on a Budget

For Fur and Felt Fabric
Felt and Fabric by Manco
(See on map)
794-796 Ylaya St. (and 624 M. de Santos St.), Divisoria
(+632) 241-8646

For Tulle, Beads, and Ribbon
Michelle's Ribbon and Lace Center
(See on map)
Bonifacio Dr. Tondo, Manila
(+632) 254-2935
They also ship! Message them through their Facebook page or check out their albums and recent uploads on Facebook to get a taste of what they have in stock.

For Fabric in Bulk
Taytay Fabric Market
(See on map)
Rizal Ave. Brgy. San Juan, Taytay, Rizal
Fabric here is only sold per kilo (not per yard) so be prepared to bring home a lot of fabric. Best for large-scale projects (I bought fabric for cake table backdrops for J's birthday—then used the same fabric for E's Judy Hopps costume!), or go with friends and divide the loot.

And here's what we made from it!

May the furs be with you! Happy hunting!