Getting #MomFit with KFit: 5 Things That Make It a Good No-Excuses Fitness Plan

I'm the last person who should be writing about getting fit after having a baby. I don't look fit. I don't feel fit. I don't eat healthy. But I want to, all of the above. KFit might help me do that.

In a nutshell, KFit is an app- and web-based fitness subscription service that allows you to sign up for fitness activities all across the metro. The free plan let's you sign up at a discounted rate (cheaper than the usual walk-in rate), while the premium plan gives you 10 free classes a month. After the 10, you can book more classes and activities at the discounted rate, "ala carte". My first class cost Php30, thanks to a promo code I found online (Here's one for Php100 off your first class). Aside from fitness classes like yoga, pilates, zumba, boxing, TRX, and muay thai, you can also book gym access within a time slot for regular strength training or use of the treadmill or elliptical machines, if a class-based workout isn't your thing. There are even sessions for archery and wall-climbing, which I'm trying to talk my husband into trying as a date day alternative.

This post would not have happened at all if the following three factors didn't happen to align recently:

1)  Our gym membership expired. I'd been going to (and enjoying) the dance-type workout classes I'd been going to a few times a month. Ten minutes on an elliptical machine and I'm already watching the clock, but put me in a dance class with some hot music on and I lose track of time. But since our gym membership expired two months ago, my husband and I had been looking at alternatives before signing up for another full year because, in the last two years since we'd joined, we'd never been able to consume all the X number of visits we'd paid for.

2) We'd spent a month in Europe and Korea walking on average 10,000 steps a day. The daily unavoidable exercise highlighted how unfit I was (define "sedentary"), but also showed me that I had it in me to push myself physically if I wanted to.

3) Globe has a promo for the month of August for Php400 off the first month for a premium KFit membership (usually costing Php999). Since I'm both commitment-phobic and broke, I saw this as a sign and signed up.