My Garden of Small Graces (Updated)

What does it take for a plant to grow? Soil plus water plus sun, right? That's what I was taught in kindergarten, and that's why I believe school doesn't prepare you for real life. Because if that's all it takes to succeed in gardening (just like it just takes a dream to succeed in life, they say), then this garden would be an Eden, not a green grave.

I started this garden project a few months year ago and I've had to bury more than a few hopes (in a new pot of soil, hoping they would grow again). An arrangement I bought from a local succulent grower died in two weeks (from overwatering, I believe—loved to death). A succulent that was thriving in one pot died when I moved it up to my hot but apparently sun-deficient office (those are its leaves you see in a rooting rosette). But every once in a while, a new leaf appears, a tiny white root peeks out, or a tired plant reunites with the sunlight and finds what it was looking for.

A humbled amateur, I'm thankful for the little graces Nature tosses her way, just enough to get my hands back in the dirt again the next day.

My Little Graces

Rest in Peace