The Best Play Dough Recipe (So Far)

Play dough is big in our house. Playing with play dough is an easy keep-busy activity for toddlers that even the helpers and nannies enjoy and actively engage in so that they're not tempted to sneak off to watch TV just to keep the kids entertained. It's also pretty mess-free, unlike most other creative activities at our house. The best part—it's easy and inexpensive to whip up when supply runs out (or dries out), new colors are requested, or a big box of dough toys and tools arrive in the mail. Like today (thanks, Lola!).

We've tried a few different recipes that worked okay. I've experimented with a few mainly because I keep forgetting to save or pin them, but also because each one had its own flaws: too rough, too messy, too hard to knead, etc. Today's batch was the best by far in method and in outcome and, dare I say, I think this one's a keeper.