New Day, New Boo-Boo (and It's Okay)

A lesson in texture, pattern, and color
Being the mom of an active, curious toddler means being prepared to gracefully handle the scrapes, boo-boos, and tummy bugs that come with the (unsterile) territory. She’s just not the kind of girl who'll sit on the curb while her pals poke at worms and do headstands on the be-puddled concrete driveway. I’m just not the kind of mom who'll stand by her side with a hand-sanitizer around my wrist and a hand towel on my shoulder.  I thought I would be—maybe I would be if she'd let me. But she's happiest out of my shadow, running around barefoot in the garden while I'm still standing on the tile, clumsily putting my slippers on. 
I’ll sit on the curb and watch from there, darling. I'll try not to point and tell you what to do; you'll point at what you find and I'll tell you its name. You go and play; get your hands dirty and discover. Find out for yourself that the squishy-looking brown many-legged thing is actually hard to the touch and so afraid of you it curls up. Thank you for letting me find out, too. I’d have never touched a worm if it wasn’t for you. I’ll lift you up so you can wash your hands. We’ll deal with the scrapes with band-aids and kisses. You kiss me and tell me it doesn't hurt so Mommy can learn to be brave. Be patient with me as I learn to be graceful. Darling, you do graceful so naturally.